Leadership is about change; change in organizational performance or when truly exemplary, change within an entire industry. The leadership journey is a difficult one fraught with uncertainty and an excessive need for “learning on the job”. Seasoned, highly experienced leaders fully recognize this and the best are willing to share the knowledge they’ve obtained to improve service, quality, efficiency, and outcomes. This willingness to “give back” and help others is one of the key attributes of an exemplary leader. It is with this in mind that IPMA has established our Legacy Leaders.

Ascent’s Legacy Leaders recognizes those leaders that have made a lasting impact on the participants within Ascent Physician Leadership. An impact that not only improves the value of service provided but more importantly the lives of the patients served. It is our hope that by recognizing Legacy Leaders we will inspire other physicians and healthcare executives to develop the necessary leadership skills to not only realize personal and organizational success but also to share the knowledge they’ve obtained to improve service, value, and outcomes within the healthcare industry.

“Successful physician leadership is critical to keeping a strong healthcare system in our country and for our patients. Because of this, IPMA and Ascent want to recognize those leaders who demonstrate success and have made an impact on our program.”

Cheri Olson, MD

IPMA Medical Director, Ascent Physician Leadership Faculty

Richard Deming

Richard Deming, MD

Medical Director, MercyOne Cancer Center | Founder and Chairman, Above & Beyond Cancer

Ascent Physician Leadership