In two words: Peer Groups! Peer groups are evidence-based change modalities. When we are facing the need to change, whether it be something personal like exercise or weight, or something professional like a leadership challenge, change involves personal dedication but is more successful with support from knowledgeable peers. Learning, exploring, creating, and being held accountable with the help of a small group of your peers is key to ASCENT. Many groups use this model: MasterMind groups, Weight Watchers®, Alcoholics Anonymous®, parenting groups, church connection groups, physicians in the doctor’s lounge, and fellow physicians in your residency program have often served as a peer group!

ASCENT combines didactic education with learning and growing with your peers. You’ll learn some of the same leadership and value-based care content as other leadership programs, but with an expanded scope and chance to really incorporate these principles into your practice. There will be a regular review of YOUR practice-specific metrics, personal and professional goal setting, and frank discussion amongst your peer group about how you have been able to integrate your plans into practice.

Vista offers a year long leadership program that explores who you are as a leader, how you interact with those in your organization, strategies to drive your organization further, and what’s influencing today’s healthcare environment. You’ll learn through asynchronous learning on your schedule as well as through live meetings held 3 times annually throughout the midwest.

Summit offers virtual learning through quarterly webinars and monthly leadership learning bites that build your leadership skills throughout the year.

The goal of Ascent is to help you become more comfortable navigating the rapidly-changing healthcare world as a physician leader, no matter what your setting. You will develop your unique strengths as a leader and identify areas for growth by individual as well as practice assessments. You will learn how to lead through the current culture of change and to better understand and succeed in today’s business of medicine. You will be provided the time, tools and trusted environment to help you change and grow.

One of the exciting components of Ascent Physician Leadership is its focus on personal leadership development as well as professional topics.

Ascent is designed for those who are decision-makers, who implement and manage change within their organization, practice or department. Most likely, that is you! Medical directors, directors of quality and safety, department chairs, physicians in leadership roles in organized medicine, and medical directors of accountable care organizations are all encouraged and welcomed.

You may never have heard of IPMA, but we’ve been around for over 100 years doing great things! Some of our founders and supporters include a veritable “who’s who” of Medicine: the Mayo brothers, Alton Ochsner, and Richard Roberts. Since our inception in 1916, Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association has developed clinical and quality improvement activities for physicians and other healthcare professionals seeking to advance lifelong learning to improve patient’s health and the value of healthcare. We are a physician-led 501(c)(3) organization with a rich history of excellence in providing relevant and practical education. We provide CME credits for our programs, offer Part 4 Maintenance of Certification credit, and are certified to provide American College of Heathcare Executives credit.

Yes! You can earn CME credit for our Summit, Vista, and Base Camp programs.

We’d love to tell you more about Ascent and its products – Vista, Summit and coaching. We can even bring our unique style of learning to your organization. Contact us at

Ascent Physician Leadership