ASCENT is invigorating. ASCENT’s curriculum is designed by physicians for physicians. ASCENT isn’t a mass-produced leadership program that follows a predetermined, rigidly-prescribed curriculum. Rather, our curriculum will evolve to include what you need as a physician leader. Following a general path of three focus areas: the culture of change, the business of medicine and personal leadership, ASCENT will provide content and curriculum that adjusts to learner needs in today’s environment.

Large group sessions will feature Adventurers, industry experts who provide focused education that builds needed skills in valued-based contracting, population health, quality improvement, and team-based care. The education is not static – further educational needs and topics addressed within trekker peer groups. Through sharing of personal and professional scorecards and progress to personal goals, leaders will receive feedback, support and encouragement as they help each other lead through change.

“Listen to physician peer group facilitator, Carolyn C. Lopez, MD, describe the ASCENT approach.”

Ascent Physician Leadership