Ascent Physician Leadership will challenge, energize and support your leadership path forward. With ASCENT you will grow together as you tackle today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. Ascent’s programs offer leadership training for all levels of physician and administrative health care leaders. Ascent’s faculty and staff can also customize a leadership program for an annual meeting or executive committee. Download our Association Leadership Offerings Summary to learn more.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.”

-John Muir

The ASCENT program is going to apply Muir’s advice to physician leadership, and challenge you to travel some new, less-trodden paths.

Along the way, we will gather, survey conditions to expect on your leadership journey, organize your thoughts and team, and develop your plan for a successful adventure. Each ASCENT adventure will focus on a new challenge.

With ASCENT Summit, Vista, and Coaching, you will learn from inspiring faculty and physician advisors.

Summit - Ascent Physician Leadership
Vista - Ascent Physician Leadership
Coaching - Ascent Physician Leadership

Ascent Summit brings trends in leadership right to your office. Through quarterly webinars and monthly updates on the environment and leadership skills, you will stay up-to-date.

Vista brings together physician leaders to develop your personal leadership skills, how you work with others, how you drive change and how those environmental influencers impact todays environment

Coaching offers you the opportunity to work with our trained healthcare facilitators and coaches customized to your needs and challenges. Everyone needs a coach to navigate today’s environment.

Your Participation

Through Summit or Vista you can select the leadership journey that best meets your schedule and commitment. Join your fellow leaders and start your leadership journey now.

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Ascent Physician Leadership