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In two words: Peer Groups! Peer groups are evidence based change modalities. And when we are facing the need to change, whether it be something personal, like exercise or weight, or something professional like leadership, change involves personal dedication but is often more successful with a supportive peer group. Learning, exploring, creating, and being held accountable with the help of a small group of your peers is what we’re all about. There are many small groups using this model: MasterMind groups, Weight Watchers®, Alcoholics Anonymous®, parenting groups, church groups, even the classmates in your residency program often serve as a peer group!

ASCENT combines didactic education and learning while growing with your peers. You’ll learn some of the same leadership and value based care CONTENT as other existing leadership programs, but with a chance to really incorporate these principles into your practice. There will be a regular review of YOUR practice specific metrics, individual and practice goal setting, and frank discussion amongst your peer group about how you have been able to integrate your plans into practice.

The goal of this series is to help you become more comfortable navigating the rapidly changing healthcare world as a physician leader, no matter what your setting. You will develop your unique strengths as a leader and identify areas for growth by individual as well as practice assessments. You will learn how to lead through the current culture of change in today’s business of medicine. You will be provided the time, tools and trusted environment to help you change and grow.

One of the exciting components of ASCENT Physician Leadership is that it is a small group, facilitated journey through personal as well as professional topics. We all leave our latest CME or training activity excited to incorporate new learnings into our lives at work and at home. Unfortunately, we often fail because we lose our focus without having outside accountability for change. Your peers, from organizations of similar size and background, with the help of a trained group facilitator, will help you develop a plan and remove barriers to incorporating change in personal and professional settings. On-going, monthly, facilitated small group calls will provide continued accountability, growth and development.

ASCENT Physician Leadership is designed to engage emerging and existing physician leaders in peer groups to learn, share and build relationships with other physician leaders. ASCENT is designed for physicians who implement and manage change within their organization, practice or department. Most likely, that is you! Clinic managers, medical directors, directors of quality and safety, department chairs, physicians in leadership in organized medicine, medical directors of accountable care organizations, are all encouraged and welcomed.

Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association (IPMA) is developing ASCENT. You may never have heard of IPMA, but we’ve been around for over 100 years doing great things! Some of our founders and supporters include a veritable “who’s who” of Medicine: the Mayo brothers, Alton Ochsner, and Richard Roberts. Since our inception in 1916, Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association has developed clinical and quality improvement activities for physicians and other healthcare professionals seeking to advance lifelong learning to improve patient’s health and the value of healthcare. We are a physician-led 501(c)(3) organization with a rich history of excellence in providing relevant and practical education. We provide CME credits for our programs, offer Part 4 Maintenance of Certification credit, and are certified to provide American College of Heathcare Executives credit.

Physician peers will also have an opportunity to receive additional CME and MOC Part IV credit from most ABMS member boards through an integrated quality improvement initiative.

ASCENT Physician Leadership is an investment in you and your organization. ASCENT fees are based on a one year commitment with three live meetings and nine additional coaching check-in calls. Fees include individual and practice assessments, keynotes, education sessions, CME, MOC-4 quality improvement initiatives, peer group development, facilitated discussion and support, practice resources, team training sessions and more.

You will attend three live meetings in October, February and June. Each live meeting will require you to be present all day Friday and Saturday until mid-afternoon. This time is necessary to build an engaged peer group to share ideas and is designed to be educational, efficient, fun and reflective. Your group will need and want you to be fully present and participating in all activities and all meetings.

There are also nine additional 90 minute coaching calls scheduled at a group agreed on time approximately once a month.

To prepare for ASCENT meetings will require some prework and it will be very important to complete this work on the schedule suggested. You along with your peer group leader and IPMA staff will develop a practice scorecard to share in a confidential manner in your peer group; gathering some of this information will be a challenge! Part of the learning of your first year may be in obtaining the information ASCENT will require: some practices will have easy access to the required information while others may struggle. There will be readings, assessments, and other forms of “homework” between phone calls and meetings. Committing to completion of these activities will enhance the collaborative experience.

We plan to make ASCENT so engaging and useful that you come back year after year!

Each peer group will be led by a trained physician facilitator with an emphasis on goal setting and positive, yet forceful accountability expectations. The facilitator will be with you at each live meeting and will also coordinate, with IPMA staff, the monthly telephone check-in/group meeting.

We’d love to tell you more about ASCENT, our peer group collaborative physician leadership program! For additional information contact us at ascent@ipmameded.org.

Ascent Physician Leadership